Data Recording

  • An ICBF Scorer will visit a participating herd at least once each year and record data on all Pedigree Youngstock.
  • Every Pedigree animal up to 365 days old must be presented.
  • Participating Breeders must make their herd’s available for ‘Spot Check’ visits from ICBF, to validify birth dates & young stock performance in particular. These visits are to maximise the integrity of all data recorded in the herd.
  • Breeders are also encouraged to record DIY weights on their animals. This will add to an
    animal’s €uro-Star reliability figures.


  • The ICBF Scorer will have a weighing scales for weighing animals.
  • It is essential that a suitable crush is available on the day of the visit.
  • It is also essential that all on-farm facilities used in the handling of the animals are in good working order, ensuring a safe working environment.


  • All pedigree animals up to 365 days old must be presented.
    Different information will be recorded, depending on the animal’s age.


  • To be agreed with your scorer

A Breeder must be registered with ICBF’s Herdplus service (€60/year) in order to join the WHPR programme.Costs are subject to annual reviews and any increases will be shown on the ICBF website. Please note that the Services are subject to the terms & conditions of the programme.