Conversion Equations

Note on publication of genetic evaluation information

Suppliers of foreign animals/semen/embryos should ensure that the genetic evaluation information available on such animals or donor animals is supplied to the purchaser.

The following information should be provided:

  • the date of publication of the original proof.
  • data on all milk traits including the EBI value.
  • the estimated reliability i.e. (foreign reliability) x (squared genetic correlation between Ireland and the exporting country). The value of this squared genetic correlation will vary depending on the exporting country. The current values for some countries are in the table below (milk production only).The full genetic correlation for all production traits can be downloaded here or please contact [email protected]
  • information on the distribution of daughters among herds.
  • the Irish AI code when approved for breeding in Ireland.


Country Genetic correlation with Ireland Codes of countries
USA 0.88 CAN=Canada, DEU=Germany, DNK=Denmark, FIN=Finland, FRA=France, ITA=Italy, NLD=Netherlands, SWE=Sweden, USA=United States, CHE=Switzerland, GBR=United Kingdom, NZL=New Zealand, AUS=Australia, AUT=Austria, BEL=Belgium, IRL=Ireland, ESP=Spain, CSK=Czech Republic, SLO=Slovenia, EST= Estonia, ISR= Israel, NOR=Norway, CHR=Swiss Red Holstein (Holstein evaluation), FRR=French Red Holstein (Holstein evaluation), HUN=Hungary, POL=Poland, ZAF=Rep. of South Africa.
Canada 0.87
The Netherlands 0.90
Denmark 0.92
New Zealand 0.86
Germany 0.87
France 0.91
Italy 0.87
Australia 0.86
Great Britain 0.94


Current conversion equations

Estimated Interbull conversion equations available on request. Email [email protected]

Click here for Genetic correlations for Interbull countries