The Milk Recording Organisations (MROs) offer two types of Milk Recording services, A) the Recorder service or B) Electronic DIY service. Here is an outline of the procedure and methodology for each service.

A) Recorder Service

This is where a recorder goes to the farm and records PM and AM volume for each cow as well as taking a sample for constituent analysis. A number of recorder based schemes are available depending on how many visits you require per year. Typically the services offered are as follows;


Note: Charges and services options vary according to MRO and table below is for example use only. Please contact your relevant Milk Recording Organisation for exact details of their schemes and costs.


A4 – Farm Visit once every month €16 – €17 per cow
A6 – Farm Visit once every 6 weeks €13 – €14 per cow
A8 – Farm Visit once every 8 weeks €11 – €12 per cow
A84 (4 visits only) €10 per cow.


B) Electronic DIY

This service uses electronic meters which record milk volume and take test sample automatically. The farmer operates the system hence the “DIY” name. He receives full training and support from his Technician on operation of the system.

Details of Service (PDF document)